I've been working my lil' butt off this week to bring you even more vintage
coming into the store soon...

new wave neon

sequins & denim

fabulous floral

my sweet cherry pie

bark at the moon

swimming with style

prom ready

plunging nude necklines

the perfect little sundress

rips n' roses

lost in pinstripes

velvet splatter

tulip print sundress

cascading origami ruffles

ruffles n' floral

we love teal!

romantic poufs

slashed to perfection

can do no wrong in classic back & white


sheer delight

the bandage AND cut-out dress

playful plaid

flutter & tux pleats

doc. martin's to die for!

polka dot poufs

blue roses for a happy lady

abstract print chic

dreamy dolly dress

the revival rose romper

statue of liberty floral

avant garde gray tweed

beautiful bird print

diamonds are forever

pockets make me happy

flirty tent mini

pastel plaid wonders

embroidered with love

ivory SCALLOPED lace

sheer-batwing-floral. perfect.


Anonymous said...

everything is SO good! lost in pinstripes is my fave...

by the way, thank you for following my blog, it means a lot to me! i love yours as well!

alter muffin said...

Wow! You have amazing style! I love your dresses(the red one is XD)!
Hmmm, will check that ebay store-definetely!:)

Rylie said...

those are all really cute :D

jamie clare said...

eeeeee i love all of your vintage pieces. if i have to leave goodwill empty-handed after a thorough search for anything with a liberty floral print, i might pull all my hair out.

and the styling! completely genius.

Paperface said...

The pineapple shirt and swimming suit as shirt are amazing. Everything is beautiful but those two totally stood out.

stylorectic under medical treatment said...

you got some very rad stuff babe.i will def keep an eye on it.

Anonymous said...