how good are these shorts?!

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vintage leather patchwork Levi's
get 'em for only $75 from IQVintage


Robynne said...

SO SO SO SO AMAZING. You always post the sweetest vintage stuff.

fashion on edge.

Jennifer said...

Wow! They are amazing! Brilliant!

lucille said...

OMG this short is amazing !!!!!!

Maverick Malone said...

Whoa, those are crazy! I don't think I"ve seen something like those before, but I really really love them! Totally inspiring, might make a good DIY.

xox, mavi

rackkandruin said...

Yeah, i have seen that etsy seller. . . it's too bad about the crystal/bullet necklaces i was making because Unearthen contacted me threatening to get a lawyer involved if i didn't stop selling "an inferior copy of their product" so i discontinued making/selling them. . . so it's annoying that this etsy'r is still able to make them. i thought the whole Unearthen thing was kind of bullshit because they said they had a "common law trademark" on the idea . . . but can you really trademark the combination of a bullet shell and a crystal? i didn't even know about Unearthen until a reader mentioned it after seeing some of my pieces. . . argh.

Rachel C. said...

these are seriously rad.

sarah said...

h o t


Mimi said...

They look really cool but I don't know whether I'd wear 'em or not

Yuka said...

wow! is this a diy or do they make me like this? its freaking amazing!

Anonymous said...

Wow, am in love with the shorts. It looks like someone savged them in a fight or pured half a bottle of bleach over them. I can imagine them being worn on a boling hot roadtrip and discarded at the end of the summer, only to be re-discovered the next spring and push to the limit even more.

Isabel said...

Those shorts are completely kickass!