pretty appropriate title for a saturday morning, no?

anyways... I went on a bleaching/dying tangent one day with some of the vintage pieces I had yet to shoot.
this dress was an amazingly soft black jersey knit. It changed instantly when I poured bleach on it.
WELL.... it ended up being at the bottom of the bleach bucket with other dresses on top if it & I sort-of forgot about it... ended up throwing it in the washer & this is how it came out. pretty amazing if you ask me!!
.. .missing an arm... holes all over... and still soft!

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I'm torn (har har) whether to sell it or not.. since it is full of holes and exposed elastic. what do you guys think?
save it for halloween or put it in the shop?

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Jamie said...

Torn is in fashion and the uniqueness is something people also like. If you sell it, tell us the final price! :P

Anonymous said...

such a GREAT piece :)

Robynne said...

SO BLOODY fantastic!

fashion on edge

Anonymous said...

Sell it so I can buy it!

Alanna said...

I really do love this piece and I think it looks great on you, really really great. However it seems that the holes on this are just so perfect for you that on someone else they might not be just as flattering you know? plus, I'd keep it because its so unique, you'll never have it again and if you are craving it one day, you might just regret it!

Jennifer said...

What a great piece! You should wear it! Who are her sunnies by in these photos?

chloe said...

i just know that if i forgot a dress in a tub of bleach it would turn into radioactive slush, you have a golden touch! so i say save it, save it!
but then again, id save 90% of everything if i owned your shop, haha (the 10% is me being generous!)


Anonymous said...
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betty said...

That looks really good