"Grunge? Bad name. Lame name, actually. But kinda funny in it's lameness...."--Thurston Moore

all photos from 1983 - 1988

The Honeymoon Killers, 1987

Jack Natz from the Black Snakes, 1987

Kurt, 1992

L7, 1989

Smashing Pumpkins, 1991

White Zombie, 1987

Rob Zombie, 1987

amazing photos by Michael Lavine from the book "GRUNGE".
Text by Thurston Moore
scanned by me


Rachel said...

rad, rad shit.

So Good for Bunnies said...

Awesome pics! I gotta say it, Rob Zombie was HOT!

Gold Dust Women said...

KILLER POST funny how fashionable being 'unfashionable' has become, right?

churfera said...

PUNK!!!! he he he

val said...

I ALWAYS appreciate a Thurston Moore quote.

Ilse said...

RAD RAD RAD kiddies. they knew how to dress!!

Ana said...

uhh those are some sick photos. I loved them way too much!

Yuka said...

damnnnn. love it

Clara said...

I loved!

elizabeth said...


i have such a love for all things "grunge". it reminds me of all the great times i had in the early 90's.
sweet hair, sweet clothes, sweet boards.
good times had by all that got to experience it.


Jacob Des said...

you know im down!

chloe said...

you just reminded me of some of my favourite teen bands!! L7!!!??? i havent thought of them for aaaaaages! and how hot was rob zombie??
- love it, i must check out this book, thanks!

molly said...

ahhhh, amazing book. . . that kurt photo is such a fantastic example of how he helped create that fashion craze that was grunge. . . amazing

ELLE said...

Ha! Bone necklace! She's hardcore!

Anonymous said...

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