Hey everyone! I'm sorry I have been too busy to update le blog in the past few weeks... This holiday has been bonkers! I am currently in Seattle with my dear friend Casey after helping her with styling a shoot for Nylon & Rolling Stone magazine for the band She & Him. We pulled amazing vintage pieces from Pretty Parlour and Le Frock here in Capital Hill. I will be back tomorrow to update the eBay store.
But for the time being some fabulous pieces will be
ENDING TONIGHT in the shop!
Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!


Susan said...

When will it be in the magazine? I love She & Him.

val said...

with the two of you, I have no doubt that shoot went beautifully! I can't wait to see it.

tiffany. said...

fun times! i miss seattle.

Anonymous said...

I think that takes priority over us blog addicts! :)