here some shots from the past
several months from my personal instagram

shot taken by Amanda Jasnowski

zachary + princess sumaya

christmas chocolate brought by my sister Amanda in Nashville

new years eve.

zachary in his studio


our annual christmas eve party

The Nutcracker!

Christmas tree at the parents..

Janell & baby Wayne


another shot by Amanda Jasnowski (@hokaytokay)

Rufus + Z

the start of christmas wrapping ...

Press has some damn tasty coffee!

Amanda Jasnowski is genuis!


We got the tree up!

flashback to last year + no bangs

trying to find a good pair of Justin's at silver spur

freezing with Amanda!

preparing thanksgiving!

my eyes are always bigger...

best meals

vintage sweaters for baby Betty!

Amanda + samcat

Love these ladies!

Drawn by Amanda for me!

fur real

make / made

Press Coffee!

his and hers favorites.

I spy a cat + a dog

Z making his studio shelves

princess doing what she does best

home depot date night


my favorite 29 year old mug


i see you...


jake + molly

me + z

vintage for days


truck rides with z

z <3 p="p">

prom dresses in the park

chicken + dumps. slippers required.

Zachary Armstrong

favorite mink fur ever.

mini zachary

peeking polka dots


fireplace chats with molly

on the way to windswept farm!

breakfast & Burberry

anniversary dinner

grade school memories 

fur on fur

laughing at the hole I ripped in my vintage dress -- from laughing

plaid + stripes

love him.


just a lil' bit..

bills is best.


sammy davis jr.

all the countries represented!


Crystal Weaver said...

beautiful photos, and your house/kitties/boyfriend are all super cute :)

Ditte mumi said...

You just look absolutely perfect in all the shoots!

Mackenzie said...

good start to my day boo. xoxo

Nina Gonzalez said...

lovely photos! wishin you n yours a haappy new year!

ajka pé said...

amazing photos :)

tiffany. said...

totally LOVE it lady!


m e l i g r o s a said...

love all of em, happy new year lovely
thx for your never ending posts of awesome

uch xxo from the golden state --xxom

anirataC said...

cute photos :)
I will follow you, hope you can follow back!

Angela said...

A peak inside your world.. Its beautiful. Great shots ;)

kirstyb said...

looks like you've been having an amazing time x

Elena said...

Wow those photos are all beautiful!!!
I'm on instagram too, @ellyg91 ;)

Kisses, Elly

MiKu said...

Cute and beautiful pics....Love it!!!