Here is this week's roundup of vintage 
that will hit the eBay shop tonight!
take a look...

39 photo file-1119.jpg
32 photo file-1458.jpg
38 photo file-1303.jpg
37 photo file-1968.jpg
36 photo file-685.jpg
35 photo file-383.jpg
34 photo file-263.jpg
33 photo file-392.jpg
31 photo file-1072.jpg
30 photo file-1075.jpg
29 photo file-882.jpg
28 photo file-1434.jpg
27 photo file-1314.jpg
26 photo file-735.jpg
25 photo file-2019.jpg
24a photo file-303.jpg
23 photo file-1373.jpg
22 photo file-2069.jpg
21 photo file-446.jpg
20 photo file-483.jpg
19 photo file-1918.jpg
18 photo file-781.jpg
17 photo file-508.jpg
16 photo file-425.jpg
15 photo file-2018.jpg
14 photo file-650.jpg
13 photo file-1635.jpg
9 photo file-426.jpg
12 photo file-670.jpg
11 photo file-974.jpg
10 photo file-2135.jpg
8 photo file-1342.jpg
7 photo file-2026.jpg
6 photo file-1338.jpg
5 photo file-1236.jpg
4 photo file-2130.jpg
3 photo file-2082.jpg
2 photo file-1575.jpg
1 photo file-438.jpg


T. Roger Thomas said...

The black dress with the see through top is fantastic looking, I think.

saraelie said...

Ton look déchire, je te tire mon chapeau !

nix said...


Fashionette said...

Very nice blog, I am your new follower, follow me back?

Susan Graves said...

It is not just fantastic.It is fabulous.Highly choose-able outfits.

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