Hitting the shop soon... stay tuned!!



Slanelle said...

ooo it's so cool to see her eyes :) i love the cut offs and the studded belts

Bella said...

I'm almost crying... seriously, the realization of just how bad I want these gorgeous pieces actually hurts!

A** said...

Let me know when!!!


Robynne said...

ok. That was just too much. I need to go shopping ASAP. SOOO many amazing looks. I am dying over here! LLLOVES it.

fashion on edge..

chloe said...

oh woww... i want so many things, its not faiiirr!.. you have great taste - the selection is amazing! x

Goldswan said...

I love all the clothes, especially the blue jumpsuit! It is so original !

JT said...

Hiii love!
OMGGGGG, you are sooo pretty and Im INLOVE with allllllll these amazing outfits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was hard to pick out just one!!!!!!!!!!
AHhh and your blog is stunnnnningggg!!!

Im soo glad I was able to help you buy those F21 wedges, theyre freakin bad ass! Nobody could tell theyre f21 unless you tell them! Saves you $668!!!!!!



Maggie said...

I m in love with every single pieces in u store, r they available for sale in the Ebay oredi?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your sweet comment! Gorgeous outfits, I think I want them all... :)

I just asked my boyfriend if he thought I would be able to pull off such a cool style as the one you have, and he said that we already had simmilar styles...

I was really flattered! You're so good at composing outfits :)

Mary Sue