Vintage denim vest-CHECK

Razor blade-CHECK

and shredddddddddd!

...forgive me for looking like a tired asshole in these photos. It was late. My fingers were tired from slashing & shreding. Look for this denim vest in the eBay store soon!


Slanelle said...

Hey, i think i can help you with bigger photos , here is what you should do :
you upload your photos like you usually do, then go in the HTML section. Here, there are 2 things to change. First, you'll find a "s400" in the url of your pic. Change it to s800.
(that's to keep a good quality once the photo is bigger)

then, adapt width and height, i usually never go further than 700 for the width, because you want your photo to appear entirely in the screen.

that's it, i hope it wasn't too messy, email me if you need more infos ;)

Vintage Tea said...

It looks great! I shall be looking out for it!

Please click here to visit me at Vintage Tea!


Adela said...

lovely vest!

Jennifer said...

Brilliant! I love this vest!

Emz said...

Lovely shredding!!

Roxy Starr said...

llooove it!

The shoes are jeffrey campbell


kenzaloo said...

um, you look like a hot shredder, not a tired shredder!!!!! <3 it looks rad!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for asking that question, I've been wondering the same thing ever since I started blogging on blogspot!

Now, thanks to you and Slanelle I know how to make my photographs look big without getting all blurry...

God bless the two of you! :)

Mary Sue