adding more items to the shop tonight! take a peek below at what's in store..


Miss M said...

im obsessed with long sweater coats and that one in the last pic is amazing...
<3 Miss M

elizabeth said...

great stuff as always!

Sarah said...

the dress in the bottomrow ist just adorable!

The Style Revolution said...

Love the first pic!

Shannon said...

Dang Mags, you've got some cuts this week.

Sue said...

I am totally in love with these!!

I took some of these inspiring pictures for my blog.

A quetion, I live in Spain, how much would the delivery cost?

Anonymous said...

Some amazing pieces here! Love love this model you have,


Vigdis said...


I've recently been reading your blog regularly and quite enjoy it, it's very inspiring.
I'm studying Art in the Netherlands (am from Germany, though) and just
started my Blog. I'm not too sure how everything works but I was wondering
if you 'd like to have some kind of link exchange to promote each other
(well, I guess your Blog doesn't need to much promoting, anyways) :)
The address is (it's swedish for idea-machine)

Right now I focus on DIY things, I think that's what I am gonna concentrate on
in the future as well as other random things of my life and arts & design,
but I feel that DIY is something that brings art and fashion to the attention to some
who are otherwise just 'consumers' and thus turned into artists themselves.
I feel that my creativity is a way to live out the inspiration I get from blogs like yours.
Anyway, have a nice day...

take care

moded'amour said...

amazing pieces!!!

Jacob Des said...

yo mags the pharaoh sweater is soo good.

goodbyestockholm said...

Ur stylist does such an impaccable job! Love u, guys!