LOVE Marcus Ohlsson!!!
Velvet April 2010


idiaysan said...

love this hair

kisses from Barcelona!!

Nora Lovely said...

i love that hair and i need the mcqueen shoes!!

i need need need!

Nora from

Lilla Kullan ♥ said...

Great pictures.:-) Stina

Anonymous said...

omgsh what lush, lovely iamges...really making perfect use of the armadillos!!!

xx come visit!

divine bunny said...

this is darling.

what a magnificent feel these photographs posess.

and the styling is incredible.

Margrethe said...

I love the third pic. She looks like a bird. Amazing.

chloe said...

interesting to see the armadillos in a desert setting, ive seen them in jungle and water shoots (here's one of my favourites: but the desert is definitely a cool touch!